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How to correctly choose yingkou trailer - semi - trailer, frame car

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How to correctly choose yingkou trailer - semi - trailer, frame car

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In recent years, due to the convergence of interests, the semi truck market is mixed, and it is difficult to distinguish the true from the false. The semi truck assembled illegally is popular in the market, posing a great threat to the life and property safety of consumers.Now, how to choose semi - trailer to give consumers a reminder.

1. All the manufacturers listed in the national catalog will place their signage on the front or rear of the vehicle in an obvious position, and label the manufacturer, product name, model, specification, size, production date and so on.In addition, many manufacturers also in the car on both sides of the spray manufacturers name, sales phone.The illegally assembled semitrailer has neither a manufacturer's label nor a manufacturer's name, and is at best a sales call.


2, buy semi-trailer ought to large reputable dealers to buy there, because the product is in the national directory, normal manufacturer production, not into illegal assembly, tractor-semitrailer because these units of commercial reputation, is sold by the product quality problems, they will be responsible for it.In addition, in the larger automobile market, there are industrial and commercial administrative personnel stationed in the market, the sales qualification of the sellers, the production qualification of the products sold for verification.


Yingkou trailer

Three, in the purchase of semi truck before, but also to the right and left of the neighborhood for consultation, to see others use whose products.In the market, a price a goods, must not be cheap to buy an illegal car assembly, this kind of car than the regular manufacturers of products cheaper eight thousand children, but buy is likely to be hidden trouble

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