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Auxiliary buttress is an additional safety barrier for container semi - trailer

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Auxiliary buttress is an additional safety barrier for container semi - trailer

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3. Auxiliary buttress is an additional safety barrier for container semi-trailer.In the design process of semi-trailer, most designers believe that the adoption of two supporting legs of more than 25 tons can completely meet the requirement of carrying gravity and impact force with a total mass of 40 tons under conditions of no-load or heavy load, connection or decoupling with the tractor, static positioning and other working conditions of semi-trailer.As a user, the designer is required to consider setting an auxiliary abutment between two legs on the basis of the following two real accident cases in the operation process of semi-trailer and the reasons of improving the safe driving performance of semi-trailer.

(1) case 1: under the condition of heavy load off-load, due to uneven ground, uneven force on the two legs, sudden failure of the internal gear set of the legs and tooth scanning phenomenon, the tank gravity shears all the connection bolts between the eight sets of legs and the frame tangentially;Eventually the front half of the semi collapsed.

(2) case 2: after the tractor was attached to the LPG semi-trailer, the front half of the semi-trailer suddenly collapsed due to the failure to completely reset the safety pin on the tractor tray.

(3) fortunately, the two accidents occurred in the semi trailer have some auxiliary buttress to help, to avoid the tank body due to direct impact with the ground before the head and damage of the malignant accident.

4. In the accident cases mentioned above, one of them is that the semi-trailer was driving too fast when turning on the expressway approach bridge, and the concrete guardrail and light pole swept off the tank body guardrail and the left valve box and directly turned over and fell to the bottom of the bridge;The gas-liquid emergency cut-off valve and loading and unloading ball valve of the integrated structure in the box are cut off at the flange connecting flange of the liquid mouth, the flange connecting bolt of the gas-phase mouth is partially broken, the flange and the assembly are bent, and the two pipe mouths leak and lead to fire;Due to the complex site environment, cracking and leakage site structure, it is impossible to take the ideal measures to extinguish the fire and plug the leak.

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