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Maintenance of container semi - trailer

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Maintenance of container semi - trailer

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Safe driving is the top priority of the truck career, in order to precautionary, trailer in the weekly or each time before the transport should be routine inspection.Check items the more all the better, small make up only with the following eight big aspects to do guidance, I hope card friends before the driving inspection have more supplement and understanding.

Safety first!Check that everything is all right before you hit the road.

Look at the tires

Visual tire pressure

Visual inspection to see no lack of air, debris attached to the phenomenon, and then see whether the steel ring deformation, crack and other phenomena.

2. Check the tightness of tire screws

Wind gun tighten screw

This detail everybody can not suspicion trouble, should check every screw one by one whether fastening, a screw runs on the way is trifling matter, run a tire to also be money can solve, but if run an accident to come, but regret it.Apply mechanically a word is "tire does not have trifle", hope everybody remembers.

3, the suspension system look at the line

Look at the tightness of all the nuts and bolts, the u-bolts, it's all about eating the tire.

4, shake a leg to ensure normal

Leg inspection must shake up and down to try a few times, and then see if there is any cracks in the welding, especially now running swing hanging car friends, must pay attention to this problem.

5. Feel the wear of moving parts

Check the board and lock lever

Reach out and touch the small parts, such as board hinge, box hook, peg, container lock, etc.

6. Check all lamps and anti-cursor paste

Check electrical circuit

See touch do not have unusual go, the car turns on a light to see have bad light, glance at a sign to lack not to lack, believe to have card friend hit the road for sure glance at a sign defect to be punished.

7, look at the tractor and semi trailer brake connection

Cab dashboard

Start the car and see if the barometer is enough, then give the brakes a try.

Listen to whether there is air leakage in the brake

Get out of the car and listen for air leak. Test the brake.

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