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Maintenance knowledge of flat semi truck

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Maintenance knowledge of flat semi truck

Date:2017-08-07 Author: Click:

Semi - trailer for the maintenance of the summer, the first thing to pay attention to the rainy season driving skid problem.In addition to good driving habits and skills of drivers, the maintenance of brakes and tires is also the key to driving safety. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance in daily use.Maintenance can be carried out according to the following steps.

(1) body waxing and sealing glaze.The acid in rain water is very corrosive to car paint.So the rainy season, it is best to put the car on the surface of the beauty.

(2) anti-rust chassis.In addition to paint, chassis for close to the ground, easy corrosion, so we must pay attention to vehicle chassis cleaning and rust treatment.

(3) trailer disinfection.During the rainy season, clean the inside of the vehicle to avoid all kinds of bacteria.

(4) check the circuit in time.In rainy season, the electrical system of vehicles should be checked frequently to avoid leakage.

(5) regular heating.Turn on the heater to bake moldy inside.When the sun is shining, you can stop the sun and expose it to the sun, open the window and let the air convection.

Regular maintenance of flat semi truck can effectively extend the service life of semi truck, which is necessary for safe driving.

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