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Technical standards for yingkou trailers

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Technical standards for yingkou trailers

Date:2017-08-07 Author: Click:

Yingkou semitrailer is a kind of semitrailer that loads all kinds of goods into the container and is convenient for transportation. It is also common to transport semitrailer in peacetime. Today, let's have a look at the technical standard of container transport semitrailer.

I. the transport semi-trailer shall comply with the manufacturing regulations and its parameters shall meet the technical requirements before it can be used.

2. Outsourcing parts used in container semi-trailers shall be provided with qualification certificates and qualified after inspection before assembly.

Three, the trailer welding parts should be strong, and its parts can not appear rough, otherwise it will affect the transport.

When you use the container transport semi truck, as long as it meets the technical standards described above, you can use it normally. Our company is mainly engaged in semi truck. Welcome to our company

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