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How much do you know about flat dump semi trailers

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How much do you know about flat dump semi trailers

Date:2016-07-27 Author: Click:

Flat-plate dump semi-trailer plays an important role in transportation in our life, which is often seen in our life. However, most people do not have a comprehensive understanding of flat-plate dump semi-trailer. Below we will have a detailed understanding of its relevant knowledge.

1. No railings on the vehicle parts, and the weight of the vehicle over 400 kg is reduced. With optional aluminum alloy wheel rings, legs and cornerbacks, the vehicle can be reduced from over 600 kg.

2. For long-distance logistics, time is money, because flat semi-trailer can be installed without baffle, high density, convenient loading and unloading of goods, small size, can save a lot of time.

3. The trailer adopts high-strength steel, a kind of main beam, which effectively improves the bearing capacity of the vehicle, and ensures its anti-deformation, anti-vibration and anti-collision ability, meeting the bearing capacity of different roads.

4, series thickened dry plate spring and suspension support composition, reasonable structure, strong rigidity, high strength, can be used to support the bearing capacity of the slow impact, improve the load strength of the vehicle.

5. Humanized design of the vehicle: uniform design of mounting hole is added, and the rope hook is inserted into the encryption boldly to improve the ability of binding goods.

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