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The latest low plate semi - trailer export price announcement query

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The latest low plate semi - trailer export price announcement query

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Latest export price announcement of low-plate semi-trailer query, export low-plate semi-trailer price configuration announcement, export low-plate semi-trailer size -- export price announcement export low-plate semi-trailer price announcement export factory low-plate semi-trailer manufacturer liaoning low-plate semi-trailer announcement low-plate semi-trailer announcement quotation.

In the current billing environment, vehicles with lightweight bodies have more room for profit and a wider market.In this liangshan special purpose motor show, the traditional rail-type trailer has been few, replaced by a lightweight advantage of light 13 meters semi trailer, part of the trailer parts aluminum material proportion has even reached more than 80 percent.The trailer tire adopts the super single tire of 425/65r22.5, and its dead weight is further reduced on the basis of aluminum alloy semi-suspension body.Using air suspension car bridge, front bridge with airbag lifting, stability and shock absorption is good, but also can reduce tire wear, at the same time less friction resistance, reduce fuel consumption, and further reduce the quality of the trailer.

At present, the number of domestic heavy truck has exceeded 3 million, such a large number of emissions become an important source of air pollution, and resource consumption and environmental pollution has become a global problem, the whole society is concerned about the energy conservation and emission reduction of cars.Reducing vehicle dead weight is an effective measure to reduce fuel consumption and improve transportation efficiency, while the lightness of liangshan low plate semi truck is an essential tool to reduce vehicle dead weight. The light plate semi truck is 3.5 tons lighter than the steel semi truck, so it can pull and transport 3.5 tons more goods than the full steel structure semi truck in each operation.Will save fuel consumption in the operation of light, have data to show that producing 1 kg aluminum need about 14 degrees, power consumption but in cars per 1 kg of aluminum can replace steel about 2 kg, in the life cycle of car 1 kg material can save fuel saving 0.7 kg, equivalent to about 800 KWH electricity saving, reducing carbon dioxide emissions about 1800 kg.

Latest low flat-panel semi-trailer low export prices announcement query light tablet transport semi-trailer facing market price trend as the semi-trailer manufacturing continuous reform and innovation of science and technology in recent years, low light plate semi-trailer gradually reveal the semi-trailer manufacturing sales market, because of the low light tablet dominating a semi-trailer semi-trailer special advantage, "lightweight" because of its own weight "lightweight" the special advantages of low light plate semi-trailer more and more get of broad consumer attention.The introduction of light low-plate semi-trailer has gradually updated the shortcomings of the traditional steel semi-trailer's own weight.With the development of high technology, the steel semi-trailer will gradually be replaced by the light low-plate semi-trailer. Therefore, the future development prospect of light low-plate semi-trailer is quite promising.

With the change of policy environment, vehicle self-weight becomes the key factor that affects user benefit.Then, light weight trailer also begins to get heavy card user hot hold in both hands.The same scenario does not only happen in xinjiang.It is understood that in the past two years, along with the weight charge in the nationwide promotion and popularization, especially last year "highway safety protection regulations" since the implementation, all regions have increased the management of overload.This makes the domestic logistics transportation market profit model, began by DORA fast running to high-speed standard transformation.

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Export semi-trailer low flat-panel semi-trailer light in liaoning semi-trailer prices manufacturers recommend all product pictures are real shooting, but the photo problem factors such as technology, display parameters, the light will appear off color, please note that this is a normal phenomenon, please in kind prevail, you have paid for the vehicle are naked car, vehicle the rights and interests enjoyed by consistent with normal goods vehicles, tax, city, car insurance, vehicle registration fees and need to resolve itself.

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