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Analysis of the price and transportation benefit of the new low yingkou trailer

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Analysis of the price and transportation benefit of the new low yingkou trailer

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Yingkou trailerWith 8.25-15 tire, hydraulic gooseneck structure, loading platform height can be automatically raised and lowered, the length of the platform can be arbitrary splicing, hydraulic automatic steering, with hydraulic pump station power system.Technology is needed.Series low plate semi trailer has flat plate type, concave beam type and tire leakage type structure, its frame is stepped, longitudinal beam section is i-shaped, with the characteristics of rigid height, strong height.

The low level of the rack column ensures the stability of transportation, suitable for carrying all kinds of construction machinery, large equipment and steel, etc.

Adopt triaxial balance, biaxial balance or steel suspension, there is mass balance block between front and rear leaf springs, which can make the deflection of front and rear leaf springs change in equal quantity, and make the front and rear axle stress balance.

Carbon dioxide gas shielded welding;The whole frame is treated by shot peening to make the vehicle more beautiful and durable.The vehicle bridge is adopted to cross the girder, which effectively reduces the height of the loading platform from the ground. The increased passing capacity of the vehicle can be used to load objects with larger diameters. It is an ideal means of transportation for wind power tower canister and large-diameter goods.The car can be made into pull type according to customer requirements, the middle made into a circular arc in order to adapt to large diameter round objects.

The products of liangshan semi-trailer cover more than 20 countries including Asia, Africa, South America and the Middle East. It has truly become the production base of special vehicles with the most complete varieties, the most distinctive features, the most abundant industrial resources and the highest regional concentration.One exceeds 4 punish are to point to, after freight driver overload is caught, will undertake 4 penalties.The first penalty, the traffic police department in the scene according to the traffic law enforcement departments issued the weighing and unloading list, fines, points;Second, in accordance with the provisions of the "highway safety protection regulations", the road transport management authorities will revoke the operating qualifications of freight vehicles and drivers of freight vehicles whose illegal over-limit transport exceeds 3 times in a year.Third, within one year, if the number of illegal over-limit transport vehicles exceeds 10% of the total number of the transport vehicles of the unit, the transport enterprise shall be punished by revoking its operation qualification.The fourth penalty shall be imposed on operators of freight transport sites in accordance with the regulations on road transport. 

Enterprises the main products are 20-40 ft container semi-trailer frame type car - 13-16 m, 11 m low flat-panel semi-trailer, 11-13 meters light column plate semi-trailer, 13 meters warehouse entry semi-trailer, bulk cement tanker, 16 meters lower plate semi-trailer, 11 meters rollover dump semi-trailer, prices, export container plate semi-trailer semi-trailer, 40 feet skeleton semi-trailer, the special semi-trailer, flatbed trailer, export vehicle.The company more than 120 kinds of products have reached the domestic leading level, the products sell well in more than 20 provinces, more than 300 cities, counties, districts, by the majority of customers.

In 2017, the price of semi-trailer in liangshan can be increased by 30-50%, the cost can be reduced by 30-40%, and the fuel consumption can be reduced by 20-30%.More importantly, the use of ultra-light semi truck can also play a certain role in promoting the organizational form of logistics in China!For the sustainable development of the economy to provide better help!Analysis of the price and transportation benefit of the new low plate semi - trailer

National announcement - the third line six bridge low plate semi - trailer price 2017 domestic market


Yingkou trailer

We know economy develops ceaselessly now, economic net also is in ceaseless enlarge, so carriage industry also is in invisible in enlarge.

Now the transportation is slowly developing to long-distance transportation, so time efficiency is very important. Semi truck is now very important in transportation. Semi truck has a large volume, fast speed, and the transportation process is stable and safe.Now the long distance transportation has been arranged by semi truck, becoming the main means of transportation on the highway. 

With the comprehensive development of charging all over the country, the light semi-trailer is getting more and more attention from the majority of driver friends, there are a lot of net friends in the advisory semi-trailer light information, for this reason we have collected relevant information, consulting semi-trailer staff.Let's see where the light weight of the semi is.

Sinotruk group liangshan fuyuan automobile import Sweden high strength steel produced by the semi trailer, weight

Light, strong, DORA cargo;Realize the light weight of semi - trailer.Its features and advantages are as follows:

A.The tensile strength of high strength steel is more than twice that of ordinary manganese steel

Tonggang light semi truck dead weight 1 ton;

2.The use of SSAB high strength steel reduces vehicle maintenance costs and improves vehicle service life.

3.With the reduction of vehicle weight, vehicle fuel consumption decreases;

Four.Reduce the traffic fines, improve the cargo load, increase the customer's transport profits;

Light plate semi-trailer low prices low 13 meters flat-bed real-time update of shandong liangshan flat-panel semi-trailer low price quotation latest product light low flat-panel transport semi-trailer facing market price trend as the semi-trailer manufacturing continuous reform and innovation of science and technology in recent years, low light plate semi-trailer gradually reveal the semi-trailer manufacturing sales market, because of the low light tablet dominating a semi-trailer semi-trailer special advantage, "lightweight" because of its own weight "lightweight" the special advantages of low light plate semi-trailer more and more get of broad consumer attention.

The introduction of light plate semi - trailer gradually updated the shortcomings of the traditional steel semi - trailer weight.With the development of high technology, the steel semi-trailer will gradually be replaced by the light low-plate semi-trailer. Therefore, the future development prospect of light low-plate semi-trailer is quite promising. 

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