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Liaoning light body low flat semi trailer price/vehicle specifications

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Liaoning light body low flat semi trailer price/vehicle specifications

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13 meters semi trailer 13 meters 13 meters flat-bed trailer load of liaoning semi-trailer, full trailer, van semi-trailer in liaoning, liaoning province of liaoning CangShan semi-trailer truck, liaoning dump semi-trailer semi-trailer, liaoning, liaoning cement bulk concrete mixer truck, liaoning harbor wharf special semi-trailer, low flat-panel liaoning vehicle transport semi-trailer, liaoning coal special automobile, liaoning tank semi-trailer, liaoning container transport semi-trailer, low flat-panel semi-trailer in liaoning, liaoning telescopic low flat-panel semi-trailer,Liaoning modified truck, liaoning inventory semi truck, liaoning extended and widened low flat semi truck, liaoning low bearing semi truck, liaoning special operation truck, liaoning excavator transport semi truck, all kinds of super light semi truck.And undertake all kinds of special vehicle design and modification business.In order to make the products by the majority of customers trust and welcome.The company's products are insured by the people's insurance company of China, which can provide convenient and quick services for users all over the country.

Multi-spooler type heavy low-plate semi-trailer, two-line four-axis, three-line six-axis, four-line eight-axis, pull and pull low-plate semi-trailer, accept 8.25-16 tires, hydraulic goosen-neck structure, loading platform height can be passively raised and lowered, the length of the platform can be completed arbitrary splicing, adopt hydraulic automatic steering, with hydraulic pump station power system.It is necessary to import craftsmanship.Series low plate semi trailer has flat plate type, concave beam type and tire leakage type mechanism, its frame for the way shape, longitudinal beam section for i-shaped, with a high degree of rigidity, high degree of personality.

The former enterprise is mainly engaged in the production and manufacture of trailers, the design and export of various special purpose vehicles.Companies mainly engaged in series of products have full trailer series, low flat-panel semi-trailer series, CangShan type semi-trailer series, the series of bulk cement tank car, van semi-trailer series, semi-trailer series column board, the main products are: 11 meters 13 meters lower plate semi trailers, bulk transport semi-trailer, 13-14.6 m rollover skeleton dump semi-trailer, container transport semi-trailer, the special low flat-panel semi-trailer, freight semi-trailer, full trailer, wing open van transportation, vehicle transport semi-trailer, dump semi-trailer semi-trailer, bulk material?Special semi-trailers for low slabs, special semi-trailers for coal transport, light body semi-trailers for high strength steel, 20-40 ft container frame semi-trailers, 53-ft container transport semi-trailers, dump dump semi-trailers, side dump semi-trailers?, and export a variety of special semitrailer vehicles.

The above products have passed CCC certification and is09001:2000 quality management system certification.In addition, the company cooperates with faw, faw, sinotruk, and ACTS as a tractor agent, mainly including jiefang J6, haowo, xindawei, and Oman series.

Now 10.5 meters low plate semi trailer price announcement

10.5m low flat semi-trailer price - best selling style factory price direct sale, buy satisfactory semi-trailer to the regular liaoning trailer factory!The price is reasonable!Quality first!After-sales guarantee!NDRC announcement enterprise!The leading products of famous big factories are "CCC" and "iso9001:2000" certification system, with the qualification of export manufacturing!

Low flat semi-trailer usually adopts concave beam type (or well type) frame, that is, the front part of the frame is the gooseneck (the traction pin of the front part of the gooseneck is connected to the traction saddle of the traction vehicle, and the rear end of the gooseneck is connected to the semi-trailer frame), the middle part is the platform (the lowest part of the frame), and the rear end is the wheel frame (including wheels).

My company perennial provide low flat-panel semi-trailer series size is 9.5 meters, 10.5 meters 11 meters 12 meters 13 m 14 m 15 m 16 meters super floor plate semi-trailer, width 2.8 meters to 3 meters, low plate height can be 0.68 meters from the ground 1.2 meters, the styles of plate, high level, two axis, three axes, two line four shaft height is high, the triaxial high level, high level three line of six axis.According to the number of shafts, the size of the tire, the load of the low-plate semi truck is also different, the more the number of shafts, the greater the load, the load range of 20-150 tons.

Flatbed semi

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