Cutting stage

According to the drawings of each part from the design department, use CNC cutting machine to cut each part out.

Beam reinforcement

The cut web and the upper and lower wings are fixed as welding spots.

Through beam

First, the web of the girder is cut to make a u-shaped hole through which the through-beam can pass.

Welding traction pin

At this time, the girder has been basically formed, but the edge beam welding to form a frame structure stage.And weld the traction pin to the traction plate.


At this time welding suspension to strictly grasp the size and maintain the week.

Front neck, floor, box board, door fan

The high and low plate and low plate with front neck have this process, while the plate does not have this process.

Mounting tyre

Sanding is the first step in painting, and some manufacturers without shot-blasting plants will use high-pressure air blowing and polishing of welding slag at this stage.

Factory inspection

Put it in the workshop, it is ok to print the code out of the factory.


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